The Badger Racing Aassociation is a private racing association founded under LLC on feb 16,2019.  By Owner Steve Kasten.

Our goals are to provide a family friendly, safe, competetive racing program. currently based at SK Speedway (B4858 county road F, Unity Wisconsin.)

To provide an enjoyable race program for the racers engaging show for the spectators  we are currently limited to two motorcycle classes: our (general class): “BADGER RACING THUNDER BIKES; and Our more powerful,  “experienced or Pro” rider traditional flattrack  class: “BADGER RACING THUNDER TWINS”.

Motorcycles: Classes:

 Badger racing thunderbikes:


  • Single cylinder motorcycles limited to a max of 650cc;
  • dirt track tires required.
  • Racing fuels  are okay.


badger racing thunder twins

  • Twin cylinder motorcycles up to 1200cc
  • Dirtrack tires required;
  • Race fuels okay.
  • Riders are required to compete in traditional flattrack leathers

Quads (ATVS):



  • All Riders are expected to conduct themselves in an adult, sportsman like, manner at all times; and are responsible for the same conduct from  their family members or pit crew. In keeping with the “family atmosphere”; No open alcohol permitted outside in the pits untiil the last raceof the evening has completed. Track officials have the right to eject a team and have the final say in ANY dispute. Crime on the grounds  of any sort will not be tolerated and will be handled by the local sheriffs dept.
  • Are required to wear proper protective gear including
  1. helmet, gloves boots,steel shoe, race pants, jersey, neck devices,  or full Leathers: any additional motorcycle protective gear they desire.